Get out your ingredients. Grab your knife. And start cutting. Each cut has its own distinct sound. Onions crunch, peppers crack, parsley rustles. Savour the sensation of the blade smoothly cutting through the food. Our blades are forged along their entire length using a forging hammer, and thanks to Performance Cut technology they are extra sharp. The handles of our knives fit into your hand as if they were made to measure. 
“My favourite knife is the big chef’s knife from the Chef’s Edition series, which was developed working together with chefs and which is aimed at professional caterers.”
Markus Jüngert, Head of Gastronomy at the WMF Group
Grand Gourmet – perfectly balanced.
Sophisticated design combined with a high level of functionality – the all-metal series was designed by Makio Hasuike. The blade is made from special forged blade steel with Performance Cut. The forged steel bolster also serves as a finger shield. The Cromargan® knife handle is durable, seamlessly processed and completely hygienic. 
“I think the chef’s knives from the Spitzenklasse Plus series by WMF are great because they are the perfect size.”
Nina Kemper, amateur cook from Hamburg, Germany

The material

The blades on all WMF household knives are made from a high-quality hardened special blade steel. In particular, this material ensures that the blades retain their edge, ensuring they remain sharp, flexible and resistant to corrosion. 

The blade profile

The blade tapers evenly from the back to the cutting edge and from the bolster to the tip. This enables precision grinding, which is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment. The cutting edge is stable, remains sharp over long periods and is easy to sharpen.